Deburgh BIO


Deburgh comes from the combination of our birth place and the place where we grew up, Detroit Michigan and Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, hence our name Deburgh! While Deburgh is the Producer, singer, songwriter and creative consultant for this music it’s important to note that this is a team effort. Deburgh is more than an individual but it is a team of musicians, singers, songwriters and stylist who have experience in the production of music, style and art! The music we create has no limitations, enhanced by the genres of Pop, R&B, gospel, rock etc..
         This music has succeeded in finding a following because it is true and doesn’t try to be like anyone else. We have many artist who have influenced us and we hope you hear that in every song, Ep, or album we release. We sell music through digital stores and streaming services while also making music endeavors for T.V. film, brands, games, apps and more!